Zane on the deck watching Deer

Last night Zane and I were treated to a show by our resident deer family. You can see pictures and read the story on the JerZone.

This photo was taken on the deck in-between deer photos. I couldn’t quite tell if Zane was seeing the deer or not. He’d been thinking of being fussy, but once I brought him out onto the deck and started photographing the deer he settled right down.

As to the title of the post, no, that’s not what time it was when the photo was taken. It’s how long Zane slept last night in one stretch.

Alert Guinness, it’s a world record!

He’s been pretty regular with his sleep: off to bed between 7:30 and 9, wake up around midnight for a meal, back to bed for another two or three hours, sleep, then wake up at 5 the instant dad gets within twenty feet (how does he do that?). But overall the longest stretch has never been over four and a half hours.

Last night he didn’t eat more than usual, in fact overall he was down a few ounces for the day. We went for a mile and a half walk. Goofed around trying to take photos of Zane standing (below). We saw the deer. Visited the frogs. And then it was time for some rocking chair reggae and off to bed at 8:15.

Faith was at opera all night and I went to bed (in Zane’s room) before she got home. I heard her clumping around at midnight and then fell back asleep. I remember waking up off and on, wondering what time it was and why Zane hadn’t woken me up. You never quite shake the feeling that no noise is bad news.

Finally he started to stir. I waited until he’d been at it for a while and started chirping before getting up and feeding him.

It was 3am.

He chowed down immediately, burped and wiggled for a while, ate a little more and then went into full wiggle and smile mode. I think he thought it was 5am and time for the Zane & Jerry fun hour. So when I wrapped him back up and put him into bed he really didn’t know what to think of it.

Weeee? Hello? Chirp? Hey…

“Ok, I’ll snuggle a little while longer and then its back to bed with you young man.”

And an hour and a half later, 5am, it was really time for the Z&J show.

Flying Z!