500 Smiles


According to my handy dandy interstellar space calculator we just uploaded the 500th Zane photograph. It also means, if you believe such maxims, that it is worth half a million words.

Hamming it up

Below is one of my favorite shots from the week: Zane reading Good Night Gorilla. When he wakes up in the morning he doesn’t always ring for service, sometimes opting to play in the crib or practice raspberries. When he finally calls out for Mom she may not be exactly, uhm, ready. She stumbles in, mumbles goodmorninghowareyoubabyzane, tosses a couple toys and a book in the crib and then shuffles back out to warm a bottle, make coffee, or sneak a few more winks. Zane, showered with such brightly colored gifts, goes about the business of investigation and play. These days he tends to head straight for the book and actually flips through and “reads” the pages, as opposed to flipping the book over and over and chewing the corner.

Yesterday after a good ten minutes of reading he started to fuss and cry. iChatting with Faith, I reasoned he’d finished the book. She tossed in a new one and sure enough he was happily occupied once more.

Good Night Gorilla