18 Months

Congrats to little Zane-O on his 18 month birthday. It was raining today so after our dump run we went into *mart to get some exercise. We didn’t buy anything, just walked a mile or two up and down the aisles, pointing at things and touching textures. Afterwards we went out for lunch at Salt Hill and Zane mastered his first eating utensil: The French Fry. He’s dabbled in spoons and forks, but has never gained the same level of control as he has with the french fry.

Towards the end of the meal he kept pointing to something, so I handed him the ketchup bottle. Then, thinking better of that, I opened it and put a dollop on his plate. He dug right in with fingers, scooping it into his mouth. “Here, try it with french fries, your mom seems to like the combo.” Zane grabbed a small fry and proceeded to dab it in ketchup, suck the ketchup off the fry, dab, eat, dab, eat. It was like watching those Crows that created their own tools. He went through a few dollops of ketchup and two fries before lunch was declared over. Janet says that ketchup is one of the primary vegetables and a great tool for getting her kid to eat all kinds of other things.

Click the image below to see some a movie compiled from random little movies over the past week.