10,000 babies in your pocket!

1000 Babies in your pocket

Zane checking out a slideshow of Zane on our new iPod. It’s the ultimate in parent toys. If someone asks (or even looks like they might someday ask) about the baby we can instantly share all of our baby photos and movies on a big, beautiful color screen (which the photo doesn’t do justice). It also has wi-fi, so we can we can watch other babies, distant relatives, or peak in on Zane’s web-cam from anywhere in the house (or town/country/world).

Highly recommended.

Zane got his second series of shots yesterday morning. He didn’t really start crying until after the needles (two at once!) were in and the injection started. A little bit of shoulder snuggling afterward and all was well with the world again. He had a bit of a rough time later in the afternoon, but by evening he was back to himself: went to bed at eight, slept about five hours, ate, and slept another four.

His other stats from the visit:

weight: 13 lbs 7 oz
height: 25 3/4 inches
head circumference: 16 1/2 inches

He is right up there in the height percentile for his age group, but still on the low side for weight. All in all the Doc says he’s doing great.