1 Year Shots

After much delay from vacations (ours and doctor’s) and so forth Zane finally went in for his one year checkup and shots. His stats:

  • weight 19.8 lbs – 4%
  • height 31.5 inches – 75%
  • brain 18.75 inches – 75%

The percentage #‘s are how he stacks up against his peers, 50% being the average. It’s kind of a bummer that he was sick last week since he lost almost half a pound in the process. Heck, he might have made it into the 8% slot or something. He was in pretty high spirits as his doctor checked ears, eyes, lungs and asked questions about his overall health. Zane babbled and squealed and tried to get into all of the office drawers and cabinets, illustrating his robust health and well being better than either of us could have done with words.

And then it was time for shots.

Hey, Zane, show everyone your “I got shot!” face.

He got four shots and some of the shots had multiple inoculations, a veritable casserole of medical prevention. I’d say he took it well, if only because it took quite a while to get his breath back enough to express the anger/pain/shock of it all. And by then he was snuggled into Dad’s shoulder, sheltered from the big bad nurses who exited stage left.

Surprisingly, after all of that he bounced back quickly. We stopped to pick up groceries at the store where he and I split a French crusty roll while his Mom had a quick lunch. Faith dropped me off at work and they went home where Zane took his standard ~3 hour nap. After that he ate well, played, gardened, went for a long walk, a little more playing, lots of milk (he’d been on a bit of a milk strike since last week) and then right to bed. The photos above were taken during dinner: goulash and green beans! As I write this the next morning he’s in his crib, drifting in and out of wakefulness, waiting for his mom to wake up.