"Tube" Playground

We set out for a hike yesterday morning and Zane said that afterwards he’d like to go to “the two playground.” Well, the english is a bit off and that seems pretty specific (why not three?) but sure, no problem. Turns out what he meant was the TUBE playground, which is up by the hospital near the trail we hiked. There’s a big plastic tube tunnel that goes over the top of the swing section. He was all over the place and even swung all himself on the big boy swing (while I kept reminding him that he really has to hold the rope at all times). He’s pretty good at remembering where things are. As further evidence that his internal GPS/spatial system is fully functional I tried to skip going to the co-op food store on the way home, figuring we have plenty of juice there, and he immediately started crying when I turned the corner a block away rather than going straight.

Raz came with us this time and we saw him every once in a while. He’s used to my hiking pace and even though Zane did a great job of staying on the trail at a good speed it wasn’t nearly fast or interesting enough for Raz. At one point when he came back to check on us I tried to take a picture but it only showed a black, blurry thing that should have been Raz. I yelled “Sit!” Zane sat, Raz slowed down, and that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

We’ve been worried that Zane is all done with naps, but after yesterday’s hike he slept for over three hours. Afterwards, while I made some garlic bread sticks to go with a veggie soup, Zane sat in the living room and watch an old school Sesame Street DVD. He loved it, especially the music. One of the tunes was The Ladybug Picnic, which is quite catchy. Twenty minutes later while herding him to the kitchen table I was singing it, but said “ladybug party” instead. Well, he had to straighten that out! “Ladybug picnic daddy!” he insisted, and then told me that they played games, roasted marshmallow, and a firetruck showed up. It did? Yes, never doubt a three year old with a steel trap for a mind even if he only saw it once.

We sang the song a lot after that, culminating in the last few minutes of snuggling with the lights out as Zane told me a story about his fire growing too, tooooo big and needing a firetruck.