"No Thank You"

Zane’s response when asked if he’d like a nap yesterday. And the day before. It’s sad to see it go, but perhaps he’s moving on now. On the plus side I was able to get him into bed and asleep almost an hour early the night before.

This morning I awoke at 2am to the sound of knocking. Zane knocks on his bedroom door when he wants to get out. At some point we’ll take the child proof thing off his door knob, but for now we just don’t want him wandering the house when everyone is asleep. Anyways, I got up figuring he need to use the bathroom (which would be a first). No, he had had a dream. I don’t think he knows the word nightmare yet but that’s what it sounded like as he said it was “scary” and he even shivered a bit. The most I could get out of him while we sat in the bathroom and talked was that a house turned into a camper and drove around. Oh and he mentioned, as an aside, some guy fell. But mostly he seemed very concerned about that house driving around. We snuggled under the big blanket for a while and then I headed back to bed, telling him that I loved him. He chirped up with, “Love you daddy! Goo’ night!”

You can see in this photo his latest “shiner.” It’s actually another mosquito bite a little too close to his eye. The bites really swell up quickly and for some reason they like his upper cheek. This was from his wheelbarrow ride the other night. What a mosquito is doing out this time of year I have no idea.